Joe and Felix of Hot Chip talk about their remix

Joe Goddard & Felix Martin were very happy to be asked to remix and re-imagine the Dominik Eulberg track H2O.

Joe is one of the founding members of Hot Chip and is the man behind almost all of the band's productions, as well as providing the bass counterpart voice to Alexis Taylor's melancholy lead vocals. An extremely hardworking and talented producer as well as a DJ, Joe has recently scored a solo success with the single 'Gabriel' on DFA Records, and his album "Be Strong" with Raf Rundell as the "2 Bears'" will be released in late January 2012.

Felix is a long time supporter of the Traum family of labels and has had a hand in introducing some of their tracks to the other Hot Chip members, including Dominik Eulberg tracks on both the DJ Kicks and Bugged Out mix CDs that the band have put together. A producer of techno tracks under this own name as Billy Lock, Felix is also a DJ with a vast collection of electronic, techno and house music dating back to his time running the Warp Records online record shop. He has recently collaborated with fellow Hot Chip member Al Doyle on an forthcoming series of 12"s and an album under the band name "New Build".

Of the mix, Felix says:
"It is always a pleasure to work with such beautiful crafted material, and the best comparison I can make for working on this track is with the Kraftwerk remixes that we were commissioned to make several years ago. As in that case, it is remarkable to listen in detail to the simplicity of each constituent part, the evolution and emotion of different synthetic parts as they develop, and the way that a really skilful producer can orchestrate such sounds into a coherent whole. Every part of the frrequency spectrum is carefully shaded with sound and given it's own unique position.

"As producers of decidedly rougher and more 'lo-fi' tracks, we decided that the emphasis on this remix should be on capturing and extending some of the emotion in the track. Fender rhodes and numerous layers of Joe's vocals were introduced to add warmth and fuzziness to the mix, we were seeking something similar to the mood of Joe's remix for the Junior Boys track "In the Morning". We also relied heavily on Joe's wonderful Cwjeman modular synthesizer to add some bite and depth to the mix."