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Dominik Eulberg & Essáy - Dream Machine - VINYL
Alfred Heinrichs & Dejvid Kavazovic - Jiggy
Ian Max Mauch - Ode To Cold - Traum V212
Shosho - Cosmic Catacombs - Trapez ltd 168
Dominik Eulberg & Essáy - Dream Machine
Steve Shaden - Black Eye - Trapez 190
Dovim - Cambrian Explosion - Traum V210
Vlokken - Dark Dancefloors - Trapez ltd 167
Bastet - Dark Man - Trapez 189
Teho - Jupiter EP - Traum V209
Traum / Trapez / MBF Label T-Shirts available now!
Label Shirts are available now in sizes from S to XL for 17 Euro each

Traum navy blue (extra sizes up to 3XL available)   //   Trapez black   //   Trapez ltd grey
Dominik Eulberg "Diorama" - album shirt - black   //   MBF black

Price per shirt:             17 Euro
Shipping Germany:        6 Euro
Shipping Worldwide:      7 Euro

To buy a shirt contact:    axel@traumschallplatten.de
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