Microtrauma - Ely - Traum V240

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"Microtrauma's new journey on TRAUM!

Microtrauma enjoy a well-earned reputation as a progressive techno act in Germany and beyond with live acts in Argentina, France, Israel and Germany. They redefined melodic techno when they surfaced in 2011 and enjoyed top charts positions at Beatport with many of their releases. So we are happy that we can announce their return to Traum with a new EP.

Still, very much at the top of their game, Microtrauma realized they had still something to say and recorded 4 special trax that can be considered mighty melodic techno tunes that fit perfectly in to our time.

Their production has always been flawless and they have been remixed by Max Cooper, Ryan Davis, Egbert, Fairmont, Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile R and more.

"Rooftop" by Microtrauma

The EP kicks off with "Rooftop" a baseline driven minimalist beat monster with a truck full of soul. A track you’ll happily surrender too in our opinion. Microtrauma display their polyrhythmic raffinesse on the basis of 'less is more' and show their appreciation for modern sound design by giving full attention to the single sound.

"Ely" by Microtrauma

The title track "Ely" brings together a pleasant and hypnotic groove with vocals which are deconstructed and assembled in an artful manner… you directly get a feeling there are masters at work here. When rotating ‚helicopter‘ sounds speed up you feel that the track has reached the climax and it will not get any better than that. Chilly but immersive in a gentle way.

"Fichtelberg" by Microtrauma

"Fichtelberg" is a soundtracks for a trip through a forest at night. The combination of urgency and acknowledgment that there is nothing more fantastic than giant trees protecting the soil—this tension is just overwhelming.

"Arrow" by Microtrauma

The last track of the EP "Arrow" is the most atmospheric and melodic and is definitely more old school in its chemistry.

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Release Date:                                                                      03. April 2020