MBF Ltd 12048 - Intu:itiv - Homecoming

"Homecoming" is the follow up to the successful "The Road Less Travelled" by the Cologne duo Intu:itiv.

"Homecoming" carries all that glamour of fabulous dance nights in the past; hedonistic house nights in garages and industrial sites that can consume huge amounts of energy but give back more than you can take in. It is indeed a soundtrack for these nights that wear out nice and smooth.

"The Good Life" connects perfectly to their "The Road Less Travelled" EP, so if you like that feeling, these piano chords that seems to float above the ground and pull you on a leash to some sacred ground will be yours again.

"The Good Life" lives up to it’s title.

"Second Wind" sounds like a house classic from old Chicago days with a walking bassline and sensual chords... but then turn towards a romantic mood  and make it an altogether " dreamy affair".


Release date: 22nd May 2013

1. Homecoming

2. The Good Life

3. Second Wind

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