Trapez 111 - McMurdo - Beaufort

We welcome new artist McMurdo.

The artist McMurdo has been recording for himself over the last 5 years being inspired by the likes of Dettmann and Ben Klock. He has developed an hypnotic stunt free funky groove which has a chord imbedded and strings that remind us a bit of Robert Hood´s music.
This all applies to his a side track  “Beaufort” a stunning hypnotic rollercoaster.
“Mary's Rooms” is a hypnotic piece of a drum track. This one constantly makes funky turns, stumbles, jumps and jacks in a unique way.
This track puts a smile on our faces and really shows that there is room for music which goes left and right of the mainstream techno house.
The track seems to suck in influences from a all over the planet, sounds that sound weird metallic, others are electronic reverse sounds... we honestly think that this is as great as the Akufen´s music we released in the past... equally tricky it seems... provided with a kind of jazzy randomness, it is very well controlled and aims at an destination, we are not aware of where it could be.

Release date: 16 August 2010

1. Beaufort

2. Mary's Room

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