Dejvid Kavazovic - Working Man EP - Trapez ltd 170

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Dejvid Kavazovic on Trapez ltd // "Go To Work"

Our hardest house to date comes from Dejvid Kavazovic who has been releasing with us lately on Trapez in a collaboration. The EP opens with the track "Go To Work" a heavy weight of a techno track that pulls in house elements to connect here to a Chicago - New York funkiness.

"After Work" by Dejvid Kavazovic

"After Work" reaches deep into the vocal house handbag for some serious screaming and hedonistic "party all night long" feeling all put into action by a powerhouse of a production.

"Good Work" by Dejvid Kavazovic

"Good Work" is the track with the most spheric passage on this EP. Orchestral sounds in a panoramic vision might be just perfect for outside raves where you want to feed the collective spirit.

Release Dates

Beatport:                                      22. September 2017
Worldwide:                                       06. October 2017

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Dejvid Kavazovic by Riley Reinhold