Dejvid Kavazovic - Working Man Interview



An interview by Riley Reinhold

Dejvid Kavazovic - Working Man EP - Trapez ltd 170"

Dejvid Kavazovic has recorded his solo EP on TRAPEZ LTD these days.
It seems a cross over between House and Techno music but if you spot the development of American House labels you might get the impression with a label like Nervous, House Music has become really tough. That is a quality you find also in his "Working Man EP" just being release on TRAPEZ LTD.

Who is Dejvid Kavazovic

Investigating into the life of Dejvid Kavazovic one quickly comes to the conclusion: The man keep's low profile!

He has released a couple of records on label also ob Supdubs sub label Moonplay plus remixes also on Subdub so his EP on Trapez ltd is easily recognized in his catalogue.

The Sound of Dejvid Kavazovic"

He has recently recorded an EP together with Alfred Heinrichs for Trapez (regular) and has now in September 2017 released his first solo EP for the housier sister label TRAPEZ LTD. The "Working Man EP" knocks you out by its massive production. Asking him about some advice how to create beats with this momentum he responds: "I don't want to give away my secrets here, but I can say I blend 2-3 drums, and what I can say is an attack is super important so it can be heard."

Clubbing Dejvid Kavazovic

The artist who lives in Berlin was born in Bielefeld (Luebbeke) came to Berlin in 2011 where he fell in love with the techno scene.
As he states himself he is not part of a particular scene in Berlin as for example the Hardwax or Berghain scene and is not resident at a club there... but enjoys nevertheless the versatility of the Berlin nightlife and favours clubs such as OHM and Griesmühle which he adds are really impressing locations.

The House of Dejvid Kavazovic

He is not a trained musician but an autodidact who relies as he states 100% on his trained hearing quality. Maybe it is surprising when you listen to his actual EP on Trapez ltd, but for the skilled ear you can spot the house samples in the tough techno beats.
Dejvid: "It is funny that you talk about House samples in fact I often use them, since I grew up with House music and still love it till today.
Right now I work on a track which goes in the direction of a Nervous track.

Former tracks by Dejvid Kavazovic - Trapez 191

Dejvid's most successful track so far was "Hype" released on the label Deeperfect in 2015 but he says his track on Trapez recorded together with Alfred Heinrichs "Jiggy" might top it soon.

Dejvid loves two all-time classics:
"Good Fellas" and "The Shawshank Redemption"

Dejvid Kavazovic - Working Man EP - Trapez ltd 170

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