TRAUM CD26 - Ryan Davies - Particles Of Bliss

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Where the right things are
The enchanted garden
Head in the clouds

Ryan Davis has been recording music since 2006.
He has produced for Manual Music, Bedrock, Proton, Areal, Archipel, BackHome, Wunderbar and many other labels. Recently he has released two EPs with Traum.   One can say without doubt, Ryan is a real artist and a tastemaker.
Ryan has released on many labels worldwide, not always on big labels… though that never was of prior importance to him, but it was his quality that has earned him an international audience and standing.
  Ryan always went the way which seemed natural to him and has released innovative melodic techno worldwide. But it has been also a battle with established DJ structures which led to the founding of his own label Back Home where he was able to feature new talents that shared his interest in the genre of melodic soulful music.
  His release in 2007 on Klang Gymnastik  the "Transformer EP" then directly put him on the map with a strong selling vinyl and lead to the "Zyrial Soundfood EP" in 2009 on the Dutch label Manual which can be considered his break through.
The track from the EP "Spicyal Sound" was played and supported by Miss Kittin and The Hacker, Boyz Noise. Ivan Smagghe licensed the track for his "Live At Robert Johnson Volume 3" compilation and Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore played "Spicyal Sound" before all of their gigs during their "Sound Of The Universe" tour. All this lead to gigs in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona and to a very international standing.
  In 2010 another huge track evolved with "Zodiac". The track was charted and played by Dominik Eulberg as well as by Ellen Allien at Time Warp which consolidated his reputation as a brilliant composer.
  Remixes by Max Cooper for him as well as him remixing Max Cooper’s track "Enveloped" for Traum actually put him in contact with our label.
Two EP releases followed on Traum and it was the „Routes of Life EP“ (Traum V133) that created an even bigger following and lead to the idea of finally recording this album.
The album consists out of 11 never released tracks that highlight his talent to keep away from preset formulas and turn toward musical compositions.  

Release date: 4th June 2012

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